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Beware of the Flowers

Floral arrangement is just as important as a wedding dress on the big day. The goal is to take people's breathes away and to invite them into the romantic start to a lifetime together filled with love. So, as you dress yourself with an exquisite gown detailed with hand beading on silk, chiffon, or satin then you should dress your surroundings with roses and peonies and other delicate fragrant flowers. How else do you create a romantic atmosphere for the start to a new life than by surrounding yourself with flowers? When selecting the decadent or simple bouquets be careful on what flowers you are choosing. Some flowers carry meanings with them that are not appropriate messages for your wedding day. It would be a scandal to have Christmas rose at your wedding.

Really it would be because this delicate white flower symbolizes scandal. If there is something you want to keep secret then perhaps you don't want to tip anyone off by this insinuating blossom. If there is nothing you need to hide then you do not want to give off the wrong message. To avoid speculation and scandal then it is best to not invite Christmas rose to the wedding.

You definitely don't want to have Foxglove in your bouquet its meaning is insincerity. When you're wearing white you don't want a purple bell flower ringing down the aisle "umm, that white dress is a white lie." Under that same principle you don't want to walk down the aisle telling everyone you are unfaithful. Larkspur with its multicolored expressions will announce to your guest that you are having an affair. Larkspurs stand for infidelity and therefore are a bad choice to decorate the surroundings of your new beginning.

Lavender although beautifully scented also harbors a negative message it stands for distrust. Next to flowers that mean beauty and love you can't have distrust. A marriage can't begin with distrust or else it will end in divorce. The bride's bouquets were originally used to ward of bad spirits and bad luck as she walked down the aisle, so it would be inauspicious to have a flower in your bouquet that is symbolic of things you do not want in a marriage. If you're deciding to have a yellow theme to brighten up your special day then you have a couple of blossoms to keep clear of.

Just as you try to avoid pretty purple foxglove because of its meaning you must you will have to evade the idea of using yellow lilly. Although it is beautiful the yellow lilly also epitomizes distrust. When considering yellow you should avert from including yellow roses.

Yellow roses manifest the feeling of jealousy and so the should be avoided. Above all you must not include yellow carnations into your flower arrangements. Yellow carnations are disdain incarnate.

Your wedding day should be surrounded by everything reflecting beauty and love, so you want to avoid having your centerpieces dripping with disdain, especially since you are so in love there is no place for that flowers negativity. So, when selecting the flowers to beautify your special day heed this warning and beware of these flowers.

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