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Hatred The Byproduct of a Bad Break Up

Break ups are a most difficult part of life and relationships. When you are first starting that relationship, everything is new and exciting. Many times, as the relationship wears on, it becomes hard to be with someone who may not be right for you. As a result, many couples give up.

Break ups can be amenable, but much of the time it is a very ugly situation. After a breakup, it is very common to feel disgust, contempt, or even hatred for your ex-significant other. If you have broken up with someone or someone has broken up with you and you are experiencing hatred toward them, this is a very unhealthy scenario. There are several reasons to try to get over the hatred you feel for your ex. First it is not healthy for you.

Another reason is that there is no guarantee that your ex is as miserable as you are. The final reason is that you will find peace with yourself if you can get past this feeling of scorn. The first reason to try to get over the hatred you feel for an ex is that it is physically unhealthy for you.

This hatred that you feel for your ex causes extreme stress and unrest. This can be very bad for your body, as stress, not resolved, is a very harmful hormone that is released throughout your body. Seeds of hate can eat away at your physical body in a manner that is totally unhealthy.

Being stressed out over something can make you physically sick. Stress has even been known to contribute to irregular heart beat. Your health is certainly more important than stressing over a past relationship. Another reason to move past hatred you are feeling is that your misery may be one-sided. If you are hung up on your ex and are obsessing over your hatred of him or her everyday, you may be the only one suffering. The case may be that your ex has moved on completely and doesn't even think about your relationship anymore.

While you are being eaten up by a caustic emotion, the person who is the object of your hate is not even fazed. That is pretty unfair when you think about it. The final reason to get over your hatred for someone you used to date, besides your physical health is your emotional health. Just as your physical health can be affected and deteriorate, your emotional health can do much the same thing. Hatred is an emotion that can torment the person experiencing it.

You might begin to become reclusive, and you might withdraw from your normal routines, and friends. This is definitely not emotionally healthy for you. Overall, it is just not a good idea to let anger and hatred get the best of you.

There are so many negative effects on your personal life that you should try your best to, if you can't forgive, forget. Though it won't be easy like flipping a switch, you can talk yourself out of a negative mood and into a positive mood if you repeat the effort every single day. Remind yourself that you are a great person and that, when you are ready, someone else will be very lucky to be in a relationship with you. Keep your eyes focused on the future instead of the past, and you will find the inner strength to get you over your hate, and get on with your life after a bitter break up.

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