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How To Be a Great Lover Women Are Only Interested In For Short Term Fun

There are times in a mans life when we are young, very focused on our goals, or just feeling carefree. The last thing on your mind is a serious relationship. However, you are a man who enjoys the rush and passion of short intense romances with new women.

Unfortunately with our old way of thinking about dating we will inevitably find ourselves in an awkward conversation with the women we are seeing casually. These conversations often include phrases like were is this relationship going. To avoid these kinds of conversations, your thinking and approach to dating must change.

The first thing you have to change what you are looking for in a woman first. Most men have been trained to look for good girls who are girlfriend material. This is wrong, the good girls will want commitment eventually and are very conscious of their reputations. The girls you should be looking for are what I call good time girls.

Dont misunderstand this as ugly, or slutty girls! What I am saying is fun and uninhibited girls. Women go through stages in their lives when they are not looking for commitment either; these are the girls you should be looking for.

Honesty form the beginning is another benchmark of the playboy. You dont have to come right out and say, Im not looking for anything serious right now. Women are very good at taking hints, If you talk about working long hours, frequent travel, or moving for a job soon, she will take the hint and immediately understand that you are not looking to be tied down right now.

This leads into our next point. You should only see these women once a week or twice a week on a very rare occasion. People in a casual relationship dont see or talk to each other every day! Too much time together sends the commitment vibe her way.

Your attitude in your interactions has to send the right signals.

Stop taking women to nice dinners, and buying them gifts. Start taking them out for drinks and dancing, taking walks around a cool part of town, or having them over your place. By doing these more casual and interesting activities together not only will you have more fun but also you will send the fun but non-commitment signals to her.

Now you can be chivalrous, have a gentle touch, and intensity in your eyes when you look at her that will let her know youre a seducer not a boyfriend. Dont worry, you can still be a romantic guy and treat women well. In fact I would go as far as saying you should, but you can see that it is not what you do it is the context in witch you do them.

When you combine these basic and easy to fallow principles you will have the incredible pleasure of being seeing as a passionate seducer in the eyes of women. You will forever inhabit a place in the back of her mind as that passionate short-lived romance she had once a long time ago. You may be able to look back on several of these short trysts yourself and smile that pirates grin that only a ladies man has.


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