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Is This Your Astrological Time to Find Mr or Ms Right

Astrology has indicators to time when you will meet someone who will be a significant love in your life. Until that time, relationships you may be in are not destined for the long term, but you can enjoy this dating time never the less. But if you are ready for a committed relationship, ready to find that special someone to settle down with, astrology's progressions will show you the best years, and transits can even help fine tune your timing.

The moment you had your first breath, the planets, their positions, and the aspects that they made to each other were frozen in time, and became your natal chart. The planets, however, kept on moving. Every calendar day after you were born equals a year of your life.

The moving planets, over the course of time, will move into position to make an aspect to your natal chart. These moving planetary positions are called your progressions. Your progressed planets. When a progresssed love planet/s make/s contact to one of your natal relationship planet/s or angles is an indication of a love year! These are very special times.

The most common progressions that result in a significant relationship are Venus to Mars, Venus to the Sun, and contacts between Venus and one of the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC). Next you will want to look for transits from the daily moving planets. These transits will mark the most opportune time to encounter that special someone. So it's best to find out these special times and then be choosy about who you spend you time with.

This is a great time to do lots of dating and mingle ! But to find that one person who is the MOST compatible, I highly recommend you check out your astrological compatibility profile with each person. This will help you to weed out the ones that either won't go anywhere, or will end up in heartbreak (yes you find out this information with astrology). This will give you the opportunity to spend the most time with those who are astrologically compatible and you can make the best possible decision as to who is the best person for you in the long run. You can also find out who has the best possibility to be your soulmate ! Take your love life into your own hands and use astrology to help you fine tune your "love times".

Then use the tools astrology has given us to help you find the one who will be your best compatible mate !.

Beverly has a love for astrology and believes it is a communication and creative tool from our creator, from our souls. Check out her guidebook on astrological compatibility, and the timing of your love mates . Or visit her astrology website !

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