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Message In a Bottle How to Write a Love Letter

To most of us ordinary Joes, writing a love letter seems like something from Shakespeare or from another world that we know nothing about. After all, we do not really write letters at all very much in our modern world. And so you wonder, what is the reason for writing a love letter to your girlfriend or wife? But that is our logical side getting involved again. Romance is not logical. Rather we should say, it has its own logic system. The love letter, like the romantic date, the romantic anniversary, and so many things we do to make our lover happy are not done because they have practical reasons for existing.

There is one basic reason for thinking of creative and diverse romantic things like love letters to share with your sweetheart. It makes them feel romantic toward you and the outcome is greater affection, more passionate love making, and more fun and exciting dates when you spend time together. You do not always draw the connection between a card or letter, or flowers, and that moment of passion later on. That is because men are very immediate in how we think and react. Something that happens in the afternoon will not affect one way or another how affectionate we are that night with our sweetheart. But women are wired differently than men; perhaps you knew that already.

A woman will react to a romantic gesture from you for hours into the future. In fact, one romantic gesture from you like flowers or a love letter can produce continued romantic feelings in her for months and years into the future. That is one great investment. For the little effort you put in to learn what makes her heart warm and glowing with love for you, you get back hours and hours of love, affection, and passion from her, a wellspring of love that never runs dry. There are actually quite a wide variety of ways you can use love letters to enhance your romance with the lady of your life.

- When apart, either for a few days or for a long time. Spelling out your feelings for her in a letter will become a treasured memory and keepsake for her for the rest of her life. - For special days like anniversaries and birthdays. If you send her a love letter in the mail to arrive on that day and she is not expecting it, that surprise will create a volcano of romance in her. She will be so excited about your letter and your surprise, and it only cost you some paper, a stamp, and maybe a little time writing the letter.

- At unexpected times and places. If she receives a love letter from you at work, she will suddenly go from that efficient worker to your sex kitten in the blink of an eye. Her coworkers will see her blush from all the feelings she has for you but the real expression of her passion will be that night in your arms. So how to go about using this wonderful romantic tool? Well, you do not have to be a poet or a great writer to write her a love letter that touches her heart.

Follow these simple guidelines: - Write like you talk. Do not try to suddenly become Mr. Poetry. Just say what is in your heart just like you would if you were together.

She will hear your voice in the letter and it will be like music to her. - Be brief. A little goes a long way in a love letter.

One way to keep yourself brief is to write your love note in a romantic card and send it that way. The card helps the feeling of the moment and you do not have that much room to write in there so she wont expect an essay or magnum opus from you. - Reference private jokes and shared memories.

That night we first kissed when you were so afraid watching Jaws with me, is one of my favorite moments of our life together. She will remember that moment and it will bring a smile to her face. Moreover, it will bring back the feeling of romance she had for you that night and it will spring up fresh and new all over again.

- Use images. You can compare her to a flower or describe a romantic scene you can imagine for you and her. Go ahead, make it exotic, your minds are inhabiting the scene so you can afford it. - Do not be dirty or graphic.

Romance leads to sexuality but you do not have to push it. Do not discuss how much you want her sexually. Discuss emotions, feelings, romantic thoughts, and places.

If you want to talk about intimacies, talk about hugging and kissing and snuggling. Believe it or not, to the woman, those things are as sexual as anything you share in the bedroom. The important thing about writing a love letter is to give it a try.

Do not just think about it, get out a pen and paper and write one now. Or get a card and work on one. Do not think too much about it. If you think a lot about what you will say or how to do this, that will make you nervous and you will stop. The best way to create a romantic note that will really touch her is be spontaneous and just charge ahead.

Sure, you will make mistakes but the fact that you acted out of passion and spontaneous feelings for her will more than compensate for spelling errors or clumsy prose. Even if your girl has not spoken of wanting a love note, you can be sure she will welcome yours. If you are scared to do it, say so in your note. Use the love letter to share everything you feel and you will see her open her heart to you either with a surprise of her own or that night as you cuddle and make love and celebrate the love you nurtured with your love letter in each others arms.

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