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The Laws of Attraction and How to Use Them

Why does it seem like every time you are nice to a woman, gicing her flowers, buying her dinner, rubbing her feet, even walking her dog - you end up getting the line, "I only want to be friends"? Why is it that nice guys always finish last? Well - here is some news. There are rules in attraction and dating. You could - just maybe - be breaking some of them if your results are less than stellar. There are several key concepts that are LAW when it comes to attracting women.

These are in no particular order, but they are each very important to understand if you want to know what makes attraction work - and use that to your OWN advantage. Rule one - attraction is not, actually, a choice. the first time I heard someone say that, I think it was David Deangelo, I was like wow - that is so simple but its so true. You cannot choose who you are attracted to, and neither can a woman.

That can be used to your advantage. The second law is also very simple. The hot people, the attractive people, get the choice of who they want to date.

The hot girl gets her pick of guys, and has guys throwing themselves at her day and night. And it gets pretty old, pretty fast. So if you want to get her attention, you have got to stand out from the pack.

The third law is the one that takes the cake. Attraction does not make sense. Ok - so every girl you have ever been friends with dreams of Prince Charming who will sweep her off her feet, shower her in jewels and flowers, and treat her like a Princess. BUT - who is she dating? The jock with no neck that treats her like she is covered in pigskin. Why? because she is attracted to him, and attraction is not a choice! The last law - law four - is that status actually does matter. She is not going to be attracted to someone she perceives to be beneath her.

She wants the alpha male, not the follower licking his heels. The thing is - women are on the lookout for the man that sparks that attraction in her. She may not even know what that "thing" is, but I do. That thing that women want is the man to be a real MAN.

Not a wuss, not a wimp, not a "nice guy". That may seem counterintuitive - but let me ask you this - how's your current game plan working out for you so far? You need to stop any of the attraction killing behaviors today. NOW. Stops being the nice guy.

Now, I am not saying you need to treat women badly - at all. What I am saying is be a little bit of a bad boy. Use Cocky Comedy on her, bust on her, tell her she is a dork or she is having a bad hair day.

Don't give her compliments, gifts, flowers or anything that resembles your lips puckering up to her butt. Keep her guessing. The second thing you can do to bolster your own attraction is to start saying no to attractive women. Yes, I mean no. Say you are out at the local laundromat and there is a hottie there washing her sexy black lingerie. She asks you for a quarter because she is one short.

Tell her no! The after she has quit sputtering, after all, she is used to getting what she wants, give her the quarter and tell her that you changed your mind since she looks so destitute. Last, but certainly not least - respect YOURSELF. Do not change who you are for anyone, least of all for a pretty face.

Don't let her take control or push your buttons for any reason. Respect yourself and people will respect you as well.

Dating and Attraction are Tricky Games. If You Want To Play You Better Learn The Rules! Dating Tips from David Deangelo for YOU!

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