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Dating conversation can be the most awkward situation a person can ever find themselves in. Stating a dating conversation is frustrating.
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Dating Tips For Men To Meet Women

  by Gary Knight

A lot of guys have trouble meeting women. They don't know what to do. This guide offers some basic tips on how to present yourself and how to act when initiating contact with a girl you would like to date.

To start with, you should wear nice clothes. They don't have to be expensive, but look like you care about style and your appearance. Be creative and try something different.

If you have a nice body don't wear tight shirts. In fact hide it. Weaning tight clothes makes you look like an idiot, especially if you're muscular. If you want a tattoo get one...girls love them.

Style your hair creatively and in a modern way. If you are balding, shave it off and get a tan. If you are out of shape, get in shape. Many women find a shaved head and fit body attractive especially if you wear it with confidence.

Now you're ready to meet her!

For many men the initial contact is the hardest. It's best to start simple. Simply say hello. Ask her why she is in a good mood or bad mood. Get her talking.

If you want to introduce yourself do it with your full name. Give a nice warm handshake while making good eye contact. After you get her name try to repeat it several times during your conversation. Women love the sound of their own name!

Always try to appear confident and in control. Talk to everyone around you. Try to always be smiling about something. When talking to her have good eye contact. Eye contact is crucial. Talk slowly with good tone. Your body language and posture should appear relaxed.

Don't bring anyone down. In fact, talk your friends up. Don't say negative things about yourself or others. Try to lead the conversation without talking too much. Get her to talk about herself. Feed off of what she says. Don't brag about yourself. Don't bring things out about yourself unless you are directly asked. When you are asked about yourself talk about your life and plans for your future. Talk about this with lots of enthusiasm. Also, don't act unusually happy if she says something nice to you...just say "thanks" with a little smile.

Never appear needy. If you are standing to some girls at a table face them with your shoulders out so that way it appears that you could leave at any moment. If you are in a group talk the least to the girl you are interested in at first. But later you will talk to her more and flirt.

Be funny and spontaneous. Make funny comments about the things going on around you but no canned jokes. Don't be afraid to say rude (nut crude) things. Not to her just in general.

Lightly compliment her, but be original. So at first don't compliment her body or her eyes but something about her that is noticeably different. For example, if she has a wacky hat, colored hair or whatever talk about those things. Or simply say, "I like your style".

Finally, try not to drink too much. Pace yourself when drinking so you can be in control of what you are doing and saying. And learn how to dance! It's not that hard. Watch some music videos and practice until you find a dance style you can do well.

Following these tips will help you improve your dating game. Remember, by acting confident you will soon become confident. In no time you'll be making new friends and dating great girls.

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